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The Phoenix Legacy 8.2


Previously in the Phoenix legacy Roger had an affair with a random college skank. Boo hiss! D:< Thanks to some ACR-induced hate sex Charlotte got pregnant and gave birth to a girl named Lauren.

Here is Lauren as a toddler, with what may be the most overused toddler hairstyle ever.

Would you look at all that pink dust? Am I the master of dust-shots or what? ^^

Whoa there Michelle! What are you doing out in the sun?

Michelle: "Why, I'm ssssmoking! Oh oh yeah."

I was trying to get her to meditate to save her ass, but instead I made her do Yoga. It did not have the intended effect. At least I have learned to appreciate the witchy transportation spell fully with a vapid vampire on the lose.

Now go to your coffin, young lady, and stay there! >:|

Michelle: "I swear, it was that good-for-nothing husband of mine who made me do it. Why isn't he punished? :("

No time for punishments - I have a baby to deliver!

Oooh, look, it is human! The excitement on Charlotte's face is basically reflected in mine at the moment! I have escaped the genetic prison of alien skin! Mwa ha ha ha!

Oh, and yes. Here is Veronica Phoenix, with daddy's skin and eyes and mommy's hair.

And here is proof that the other kids still exist.

How do you like having only one crib now, huh? You made me do it!

Roger: "How about that expansion for World of Warcraft, is it awesome or what? :D"
Elijah: "Hush, father, I am trying to read about the latest financial developments."
Roger: lolz hawt blood elves ftw!
Can you see the family resemblence?

Elijah: "Oh dear! My position as heir is severly threatened by my human-skinned baby sister!"
Let me quote Michelle when I say "NYEHEHEHEHE."

Great, are we marking the toddlers with urine now?

I cannot believe she grew up well! Who is responsible for this?

Here she is in a less overused hairstyle, and she is quite pretty! This may or may not be the only picture of her smiling, also.

Lauren: "Okay, who the hell pissed on me? It was not funny!"

Gee, I wonder who is the favourite child in the house...

Michelle: "This will look perfect in my scrap book-- err I mean... BLEH!"

Three cheers to Veronica for growing into a neat hairstyle. Roger, I really hope you do not plan to pee on this one as well! What is with that face?

Cuuuuute~ :D

Lauren: "So... this family, huh"
Michelle: "Yeah, I know."

Michelle: "And it will just keep getting worse!"
Lauren: *sigh*

Lauren: "Where is that damn butler when you need him? There is no food here. I DEMAND FOOD ON THIS PLATE!"

Lauren: "Ugh, daddy got to you too, did he?"

Roger: "Hi girls, mind if I join you?"
Lauren: "Um, yes."

Roger: "Whoo, boy, someone smells!"
Lauren: "My life. It sucks."

My kids have all dressed themselves very well lately, this is yet another fitting outfit straight from her transition.

Oh yay, more babies! :D And I am not sarcastic with that statement, for once. Wow.

They have finally ACR'd their way back up to a furoious-less 100/100 relationship and have now moved on to cutesy cuddles. Hurrah.

True to life, almost the entire family is gathered in one place, though everyone is minding their own business.

Aww, man, my pink dust capturing skills have vanished. I must apologize.

Whoopsie, Elijah grew up while I was not paying attention.

Elijah: "Um, excuuuuse me? I am kind of awesome!"

Elijah Phoenix
Popularity. LTW: Become World Class Ballet Dancer (ilu♥)

Neat 7
Shy 4
Lazy 4
Playful 7
Nice 5

He is so adorkable and I still just want to hug him! Hablaghadjfiwhfwhfwpo ^_________^

Another pop-shot, looking eerily similar to the last one. Ho hum.

MICHELLE! What did I tell you about the sunlight??

Is this the time for a "Beam me up, Scotty" joke, I wonder? Naah.

Charlotte is such a loving mother, she even puts up with her son's A+ dance, and keeps a straight face. You are a better woman than I will ever be! *bows*

Since all the other kids are doing it, Mr. Popularity here attempts a game of football.

Unlike the other kids, however, Elijah kind of sucks at it.

Admittedly, his opponent here has quite the throwing arm. o_O

"Oh my gosh, is he bleeding? Awesome! "

Ah, um. Oops?

She is cute, but I feel like Lauren has some competition for the title of Biggest Failure in the house.

Lauren: "My life! It has no purpose anymore!"


Charlotte: "WRYYY"-- oh wait. Babies! :D

Another girl with human skin! ^^ And black hair and brown eyes. Oh well, at least there is some variety in this generation. Wooo! :D Ellen Phoenix, ladies and gentlemen!
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