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The Phoenix Legacy 2.3

Previously in the Phoenix household the Phoenixes did what Phoenixes do best, so my favourite possible future heir went out in a flame (without rising from the ashes). The family began an addiction to the Poker Table, and when we left them one half of Generation One grew old.

It is time for our founder to join his wife in the shrivelled prune club!
Hunter: "Da-yumn I look good!"

Hunter: "What the fuckery is this?"

Hunter: "Was that as good for you as it was for me? :D"

Those piercings he got in his twenties were looking rather off, so here's to aging gracefully! He still looks like a fox - go Hunter.

These two are pretty fiesty for elders. Get a room you two!

Oh. You do have a room. Carry on then.

Oh honey I think it is a bit late for that now!

While her parents are acting like bunnies young Skye takes confort in a galaxy far far away.

Skye: "The truth is out there!"

Casper does what teenage boys do best; playing videogames and being pimply-faced while not getting any. Oh, Casper.

It's time to call up our good old friend the Creepy Matchmaker. Is she staring at his butt? :O

Casper: "Help me, Creppy Matchmaker; you're my only hope!"
Creepy Matchmaker: "KA-CHING!"

Creepy Matchmaker: "I see a tall dark stranger in your future..."

Creepy Matchmaker: "Or Tosha Go. Whatever."

Tosha: "I'm too cool for school, you geek!"

Casper: "I've got a bad feeling about this!"

We interrupt your regularly scheduled simming to announce that Robert Pattinson just made an appearance in Pleasantview! Watch out for the Creepy Matchmaker!

Tosha: "Oh wow, I seem to have gotten lost in your luminous emerald pools of beauty!"
Good to know that Casper still got the dazzle even though he did not inherit the blue Phoenix eyes.

Casper: "Cooties! Oh noes!"

This looks... painful.

After this the date ended at a measly "Good" and Tosha suddenly had somewhere very important to be so she left. Boring conversation, anyway.

Casper is not too distraught by this fact; he quickly finds some nice puddles to play in.

Casper: "Wheeeeee!"
You are supposed to be the mature one, Casper.

Look who totally remembered to buy a cake this time around! :D

Let's celebrate! Anyone?

Oh, there you are. Enthusiastic like ever.

That is more like it! :D

Even Casper dragged his lazy bum out of bed to join this very special occation. You're all clear, kid, now let's blow this thing and go home!

Beware of the horrifying flying child!

Skye: "You know, sometimes I amaze even myself."
Hunter: "That doesn't sound too hard." *walks off*

After her make-over she turned out pretty darned fabulous, if I may say so myself!

Skye Phoenix
Romance (just like her late brother. Aww.)

Sloppy 5
Shy 3
Active 7
Serious 3
Nice 7

The first thing she does, just minutes into her teenage years? Chat online with random pedos.

Please don't set the house on fire, please don't set the house on fire, please don't set the house on fire!

Good girl! :D

Ah, the young ones. Looking for love in all the wrong places...

Let us bring out our trusted old friend.

Skye: "I really, really need to get laid."
Creepy Matchmaker: "Ah, my child, I know exactly what you mean."
Wait, what?

Skye: "I will happily give away all of our money!"
Creepy Matchmaker: "I freaking LOVE this family!"

And she brings us this... interesting young man who goes by the name of Jonathan.

He heads straight for the chess table. What a keeper.
Creepy Matchmaker: "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

Oh well, get your charm on, Skye; it is time to start working on that lovely LTW of having 20 simultaneous loves.


Jonathan: "Oh no, my ball dropped!"

Jonathan: "Oh no, I'm all wet!"

Love is, literary, in the air! Shortly after this, however, Jonathan suffered bladder desperation and ended the date abruptly.

But, just like her brother, Skye does not let this dampen her watery fun. She has another victim in mind!

Oh, sure, just attack your poor old mother who has done nothing but working hard to support you. Of course, if it weren't for your dating we wouldn't had cranked the number of family friends up high enough so that Aiyana could finally get promoted, so I will not complain.

Hunter also reaps the benefits of his daughter's whore-ish tendencies.

Ah, of course. There wouldn't be Phoenixes without fire.

Another day, another visit from the Creepy Matchmaker.

The Dreamer kid. Sigh. They dated for about five sim minutes before the date meter plummeted and he took off. Good riddance!

Okay, let us try this again...

Date: "Help! I think I'm melting! This is all your fault!"
Welcome to the Phoenix household, kid.

Tosha: "Want to sneak out with me tonight?"

Making out, or sucking her soul out through her mouth? You decide.

This is where we leave these crazy kids and their raging hormones. Until next time...
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