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The Phoenix Legacy 3.2

Previously in the Phoenix household Skye plopped out a couple of children while working on fulfilling her LTW of having 20 loves. She would had gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids! In a fit of frustration Skye I changed her aspiration to Family, had her hitched with her childhood love Ron, and they lived happily ever after... Until this update.

Hunter: "Ugh, not another birthday! All this cake is making me faaat!"
He has maxed out his body skill and is as fit as he was in his twenties. But okay then.

Everyone: *stares creepily*

Remus: "Save me from these lunatics, mother!"

Oh dear God, how cute is he? :D :D :D I see he is following the family tradition of pink PJs as well.

I was five and he was six
We rode on horses made of sticks
He wore black and I wore white
He would always win the fight

Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down

This is why the parental units are too busy to care that one third of their children is dying on the kitchen floor; backup is on its way!

A baby girl, named Vega!

She has all of Ron's colouring, or perhaps her skin is a shade paler, I cannot really tell.

Ron: "I want to frame this moment mentally so I can remember and cherish it for ever and ever! :D"
Vega: "Ahh, don't let me inherit his crazy gene! D:"

Since Skye now was a mother of four, and well in her middle age, I thought that is was about time for a more mature look. We will ignore the green cloud of stink emitting from Vega's diaper.

One, two, three: Aww!

All of the hard work paid off! (At least she congratuated him properly when she woke up. Five hours later.)

These two do not even share a family tag, yet they did this autonomously!

She may be older and wiser, but she is not too old to ~RAWK OUT~ once in a while!

She looks adorable doing it!

Triple birthdays! Too bad that synchronizing is not exactly my sims' strongest talent.

/unsynchronized birthday spam

Ahh, Vega is so fierce! I love these kids! :D

Sirius Black Phoenix
Fortune Aspiration
LTW: Become Hall of Famer

Neat 10
Outgoing 10
Active 9
Serious 3
Grouchy 1
Stella Phoenix
Fortune Aspiration
LTW: Earn §100,000

Neat 6
Shy 5
Active 8
Serious 3
Grouchy 3

UH-OH!! D:

Daaaamn. The fist death in my legacy, and I went and completely missed it! D: Here lies Aiyana Phoenix.

Temporary resting place until I design an actual graveyard. This might take a generation or two...

Um, Skye, the only astronaut you have met is your father, and he is still very much alive. For now.

Before it is his time to push up daisies he does all of the things he has always wanted to do in life. Like painting his daughter's heir portrait.

Voilá! The fire alarm is such an artistic detail, is it not?

Since everyone appears to be extremely busy doing other things, Hunter also gets to teach his grand-daughter to talk.

Her first words?
Vega: "I hate myself! :D :D :D"

By this time I was watching Hunter like a hawk, so here is some old man dancing spam for your viewing pleasure.


NOOOO!! Go back to dancing, Hunter! Dance, damnit!! D:

Ron: "Well he-llo there, Hula Zombie!"

Hunter: "Is that the light at the end of the tunnel?"
Ron: "This is the most glorious day of my life!"

Bon voyage, dear Phoenix founder! You led a lovely life, and you will be greatly missed! Who will take care of the children now??

Look at the turnout! It is more crowded than the birthday parties!

I thought this was such a wonderful shot! (Which is why I used it in the preview for this part, haha.)

And speaking of birthdays, I was too afraid to throw Vega a party after what happened last time, but then it turned out to not matter at all. The elders are just party poopers no matter what.

Oh crap.
Fun fact: I enjoy letting my sims dress themselves, by letting them keep the clothes they transition in (unless they are truly hideous), and Vega spent most of her time in this green robe of hers.

Skye: "Now that both of my parents are dead it's time for you to start giving me some grandchildren!"

Sirius just would. not. stop. crying! Which, considering that he probably had the lowest relationship with Hunter was a bit over the top...

So I gave him an appropriate make-over! XD


Sirius: *weeps*

Now that all of the children are of school age, it is time to invite the headmaster!

Of course, Skye and Ron thought that running off to WooHoo was a perfectly normal thing to do when entertaining the headmaster, so Stella had to do all of the shmoosing.

Headmaster: "I never want to witness what I just accidentally walked in on, you're accepted, you're accepted! Goodbye!"

Sirius: "Ooooh, it's raining!"

Sirius: "Rain. It sucks. My life. It sucks! </3"

Obligatory uniform shot! :D
Sirius: "Lookin' good, daddy!"

Ron is in the Criminal carreer by the way, that is his LTW, I cannot remember if I have mentioned this earlier.

No worries, Vega got into private school as well, she was just lazy.

Vega: "I was gonna go to class. But then I got high."
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