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The Phoenix Legacy 4.1

Previously in the Phoenix household the two heirs moved back home from college. Remus moved in with his old flame Donna, while Vega began her search for love which she soon found in fellow gamer Colin. Vega and Donna gave birth to two healthy baby girls - Moira and Lyra.

We will start this update with Ron reaching the top of the Criminal career, thus reaching his LTW! Just so that you know that despite the fact that I tend to ignore him, he is not made of complete fail.

Someone who is made of fail, however, is Colin...
Colin: "It is green and stinky, so I feed it green and stinky bottle! Right?"

The infant abuse has come to an end!

Time for some toddler abuse instead! Uhm, I mean, yay birthdays. Woo.

Here we go, this beauty is Moira. Could she be more covered in confetti?

Here is Lyra, not covered in confetti.

Now that I finally have some perma-platinums in my house I can fully reap the benefits of aspiration rewards!

I would just like to throw it out there that I am truly, madly and deeply in love smart milk.

Oh Ron, one can never be too old to enjoy the simple things in life.

Umm. I have a bad feeling about this.

SHIT! D: Attention all units! Man down, man down!

This is the second Phoenix who has suffered a weather-induced death! Why, Maxis, whyyyyyyy? What have I ever done to you? D:

The best way to get over the death of your husband? Jump in the puddle where he died. NICE.

But every cloud has its silver lining. Remus got a promotion!

And here is Vega reaching her LTW of becoming a Game Designer. :D

Up until now I had thought my sims were infertile or something, but I had simply reached the limit of 8 sims in the household...
It is about time we changed that!

Because what this family really needs is even more kids to neglect.

They turned out pretty cute, after all! Moira on the left and Lyra on the right.


Our Feature Presentation: Pregnant Woman Doing Pool Tricks!

Teddybear: *is not impressed*

Vega: *OMG BFFs*

It is time for Skye to grow old and wrinkly and alone.

Skye: "I wish for beauty and a long life!"

Um, let us hope the last part comes true at least...

This is more like it.

She immedeately becomes the best grandmother ever!

Donna tries to take home the Best Mother award, and finally manages to be best friends with her daughter. She is extremely antisocial for a Popularity sim, I can tell you that.

Donna: "What are you talking about, Random Divine Entity, I happen to be awesome at this!"

Umm, how about no. Let me show you a little example of the failure that is Donna's social skills.

This gorgeous creature showed up at the house, and I tried to hit two birds with one rock and make another BFF for Donna, while securing hot elven features for future generations.

It did not work out well.

At all, in fact. This is the outcome for 85% of the times Donna tries to share interests with somebody.

At least Skye knows how it is done.

What do you have to say in your defense, Donna dear?

Moira: "Oh look, it's my bestest friend in the whole wide world; Barbamamapapa."

If you are wondering where the hot piece of manflesh that is Remus has snuck off to, he is busy being starstruck.

No alien babies for this generation though! Just pretty scenery. ^^

Meanwhile, back in our galaxy...

Is that space pain, dear? Because it looks out of this world!
Donna: "I. HATE. YOU!! D:"

Ha-hah! Take that eight sim limit! This is Logan and Nathaniel, and I have no idea which one is which at this stage.

They both have brown hair and grey eyes (where are all of these random genetics coming from??) and their father's skintone.

Can you tell there are infants in this house again?

Despite the neglect the girls bring home solid A+ grades!

Okay, so maybe the reason they are so neglected is because I force them to study all day long.

Birthdays, I love birthdays! Drinks all around!

Ah, now I can identify them! This little guy is Logan.

Here is Nathaniel.

Let the smart milk abuse commence! Logan already has a bold spot, at the tender age of three and a half. Poor thing.

Ah, the sweet, sweet sound of child neglect.

Sometimes I miss the simple days of The Sims 1 where there was a butler who would feed the sims for me...

Look at all of the adults with plenty of cooking skills who decided to show up all of the sudden when there was free cake involved!

Moira Phoenix
Romance Aspiration
LTW: WooHoo 20 different sims</p>

Sloppy 2
Outgoing 9
Active 9
Playful 7
Grouchy 1

Lyra Phoenix
Knowledge Aspiration
LTW: Reach top of Journalism career

Neat 9
Outgoing 8
Lazy 2
Playful 7
Nice 6

They got completely different make-overs because I was getting tired of constantly mixing them up I thought it suited their personalities.

Now, one of these sims is a Knowledge sim...

...and one of them is not.
Guess which one.

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