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The Phoenix Legacy 4.5

Previously the fourth generation of Phoenixes made Academie Le Tour unsafe! Moira fulfilled her LTW of WooHooing twenty sims, which earned her a spot as heir. The other kids enjoyed themselves as well, both Logan and Lyra found a nice spouse to settle down with, while Nathaniel got his boytoy stolen from him by Moira, and Sebastian just generally failed.

Welcome to a new and improved Phoenix house, now located on a smaller and hopefully less laggy lot!

Here is Moira as an adult, she basically looks the same as she did when graduating. I let her keep the Maxis clothing, because she makes it work!

Remus: "Huh, who, what, when?"
§100,000 ding! :D

The new place got a pretty creepy graveyard that I am really fond of! <3

So are the ghosts it seems. Founder Hunter and generation two spouse Ron out and about.

Ron: "Sweet, the good ol' poker table! :D"

Favourite ghost trick in my game: Appear in the middle of a conversation and scare the unsuspecting sim.

The excitement gets a bit too much for some of them...

Wait. SHIT! D: Do something, Remus!

Remus: "Oh, Grims! I'm too pretty to have a dead daughter!"

You have already failed this game once, Remus, this is the time to redeem yourself!

Well, damn.

Luckily I have anot-- NO! Bad Ron, bad!

As I was trying to say, I have another ace up my sleeve this time!

Please work, please work, please work! I cannot have killed of my heir on the first day!

It's aliiiiive! :D

Moira: "Hey bitch, how about you try to not kill me again! -_-"

To make it up I send her on a date downtown for some retail therapy, and I spy this local celeb!

Oh, and here is her date.

Do these people have nothing better to do?

Moira was not satisfied (har, har) so she went clubbing in her sleepingwear.

Moira: "Well hey there sexy, you look vaguely familiar? Did I mayhaps bang you in college?"

Bartender: "I think you've had a bit too much to drink, miss."

Such a rocking establishment this is. The prude bartender is totally checking her out back there!

Can you tell I am getting a bit desperate? And poor raver-boy, I think she has moved on...

Time to steal some genes! >:D

Err, Remus... Some people would concider what you are doing kind of rude. And really creepy.

Moira: "Sigh, you're not nearly as hot as Hot Downtownie."

Don: "Oh no you didn't! I'm Don Lo-motherfucking-thario - sex on legs! Hellooo?"

Okay, I never thought the date with fugface here would lead anywhere, so I have no pictures of it. But I just could not ignore a want like that, no matter the fug! But this is most definitely not my fault.

Luckily I picked up this nifty trinklet from the Secret Society some generations ago!

Say hello to the slightly less neanderthal Jonah Powers.

You have no idea what you are getting yourself into, poor soul.

Oh dear, the salmon is in the oven! Time to get Jonah moved in.

I decided to take his bad boy attitude in a different direction. I went a bit extreme, I fear, but here is the final result of his extreme makeover.

I nearly missed Donna's death because I was so busy with Jonah! :o

His future mother-in-law just died, which he celebrated by setting the stove on fire. You will fit right in here, dear.


Pop le deux.

Bonus points on the awesome-o-meter.

Haha, the most dashing Hall of Famer I ever saw.

I think the water just broke.

A boy with blue eyes and Hot Downtownie's blonde hair (unless he dyes it like his mother) named Topher!

You finally get to go to work and make your way to your second LTW of reaching the top of the Music career. You must be really happy, Moira! :D

Thank God I hired a Nanny so that my elders would have someone to play poker with.

Yeah, Topher is just fine.

More awesome-points for Jonah.

Minus 48924720472047209 awesome-points. Kaylynn? Really?
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