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The Phoenix Legacy 6.1

Previously in the Phoenix legacy the kids finished college, Lennon was picked as heir and married his on again, off again college fuck-buddy Little Miss Invisiglitch Mehrissa. Back home he was abducted by aliens, and Mehrissa gave birth to a healthy (for now) baby named Justin.

Justin is getting ready for a lifetime of scarring. Wahey~ :D

Wait, what is this? o_O It could never be autonomous childcare, could it? Are you ill, Moira?

Phew, you were starting to have me worried. Carry on.

NOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo &c
Not Remus, it is not his time yet!!

Oh, it was just Lennon who starved to death or something like that. To the Resurrect-O-Nomitron with you! Mush.

Please do not let this be yet another death rattle.

Okay, I take that back... D:

Remus: "Happy, happy, joy."

In a moment of questionable sanity I named the two alien boys Hugin and Munin (from Norse mythology). It was either that, or Chip and Dale, so I hope I made the right choice.

Thank God we are now minus one infant, so there is a slightly smaller risk of permanent infant scarring. Hurrah.

MOAR BABIES!!!1 pop. Why thank you, Mehrissa, that was exactly what we needed right now.

Ah, yes, in true Phoenix manner she proceeds to pass out on the floor.

And following many a Phoenixes before her, there is suddenly a distinct lack of a pulse all of the sudden.

You all know the deal by now, right?

Meanwhile, in the very next room...

...Moira kicks the potty. Excellent.

Ghost of Ron: "MWAHAHAHA :D"

Seriously, look at that huge grin on his face and try to tell me that my ghosts are not diabolical! o_O

Mehrissa is alive and well, so Grim heads over to his next job on the other side of the wall.

Sadly Remus did not manage to save her (he is not very good at that game with the bright light, seriously) so she will have to stay dead for now. I think she has died about 20 times during her lifetime, which should be enough, no?

Mmmm, permanent infant scarring! <3333

Dust, anyone? Dust? Anyone? Dust?

I can has birthdays nao? Awesome. Now that I can tell the tods apart, this is Munin.

Taking over his great-grandfathers dashing looks is Hugin. ^_^

Ah, yes, and the scarring only continues.

Mehrissa: "Hello? I crave attention, stat!"

This image is brought to you by the letters F, U, C and K.

Say hello to the floor, Jaina Phoenix. A girl with daddy's skin, mommy's eyes and hair.

Justin is not exactly feeling the love, and sometime during my neglect he learned how to sneak out of his crib.

But all is well, because that cake can only mean one thing!

Believe it or not, but Justin actually grew up well. How the hell did that happen? I am not responsible, that is for certain.

His nose has some Kennedy Coxian tendencies, thanks to his mother.

Lennon: *has mental breakdown*

Hey, they are actually /cute/ when they sleep, be glad that you missed this spectacle, or you would be in much deeper trouble.

Oh. Never mind.

Lennon: "Please, Doctor, make this end!"

Jaina is officially one step closer to adulthood.

How now, is this that myth of childcare that I have heard so much about?

Trust the ghosts to ruin a perfectly good moment, curtesy of Mr. Legacy Founder himself.

Getting bored yet?

Remus: "Hello everyone, I'm back home from work now! How's it going?"

Right. Why do you always die in pairs these days?

Jaina: "Daddy! Daddy, come play with me!"

Mehrissa: "You have got to be fucking kidding me, Grim!"

One husband refunded.

Lennon: "Oh, God. Kill me now again!"
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