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The Phoenix Legacy 6.2

Previously in the Phoenix household Lennon gave birth to the alien twins Hugin and Munin, while Mehrissa squeezed out a girl called Jaina. The ghosts tried to murder off every single adult in the lot, and finally managed to get their will through and killed Moira. Lennon had two mental breakdowns, poor sod.

Hugin and Munin celebrate the beginning of a self-sufficient existance. Woot.

Hugin, who is already my favourite, kind of. Bad legacy owner, baaad!

Munin. I wonder if those pyjamas are worn with irony. He has a constant smug look on his face.

Come on, Hugin is just awesome!

Hugin: "Who the hell are you, and what are you doing at my table?"

This picture would be cute if it was not for the ghosts floating around, looking for their next victim.

Hugin: "I got a C+?"

Hugin: "What is this Earthly nonsese?"
Also note that this is the outfit he picked for himself.

Justin: "My brother is from like the moon or something. I think he's retarded! :D"

Hugin: "I do not understand this Earthly technology. What is it?"

Hugin: "Humans are freaking disgusting! o_O I shall take over this world one day!"

But first things first - homework!

One step closer to world domination!

Jaina has a birthday, apparently.

It is a good thing I have Remus to take care of the other kids while I ignore them. ^^

Justin: "Is that my baby sister!? When did she get so tall?" *has mid-adolescence crisis*

Since I always take photos in the extreme lightning from the window, here is a less dazzling shot of her.

Jaina: "Oooh~ butterflies!"
Hugin: "Oi. Minion. Push me."


Please be an evil snowman, please be an evil snowman, please be an evil snowman...

Jaina, on the other side of the lawn, decides to attempt suicide by snow.

Or making snow angels. Same thing, really.

Okay, this... this is less than good.

Here the social worker came and kidnapped the Phoenix spawn, so I did the big no-no of quitting without saving. Smart as I am, I had not saved for a while, so there will me some changes from this point on as I now cheated like a Romance sim. (Because they... cheat a lot. Heh.)

Here is Justin who aged up into a teenager. He rolled Knowledge.

Hugin grew up badly, and went from evil genius to just plain evil.

He is still kind of awesome, of course. He has zero nice points, by the way. Which makes me love him even more. XD Obvious favourism is obvious.

Eh, I think I work my poor kids a bit too hard.

This is what the scene looked like one hour earlier.

With teenagers comes matchmakers, and with matchmakers comes this bitch, who single-handedly managed to kill of my favourite sim and almost set the house of fire back in the good old days. Do not think I have forgotten about that little stint, young lady. Now get the fuck off of my lawn! D:

Do not fuck this up again, lady! Sure, we have oodles of cash just laying around, but...

Sigh. Mary or Sue Cullen. Another old re-run.

Well, she is rich, so go for it Justin!

Justin: "I don't know how I feel about this... You dated my great-great-uncle."

Mary or Sue Cullen: "Whatever loser, you are not dazzling enough for me anyway! I require perfect Adonis statues just like my mom, kthxbye."

Meanwhile, let me show you the level of intelligence that inhabits this house. Maybe a bit of a time-warp is not going to do much more damage anyway...

He-ll-ooo there! Judging from Justin's excited face this is not a repeat! :D

Justin: "I shall call you Goldfish! :D"

Goldfish: "I like that."

Okay, Justin, you have had enough exposure in this update. See you around.

Huuuuugin! I missed you! <3333

Uh-oh, this looks familiar...

I forced him into a long and warm bath instead. See, I am a good Sim owner. Really, I am.

Is this what happens when I am not looking? o_O

Remus: "I am so old... You are married to my grandson."
Thank you for still having some sense.

Remus: "But you are so hot, that I don't give a damn."

Oh. Dear. God! D:

Mehrissa: "Oooh, it feels so good to be bad!"
Shut up. -_-
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