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The Phoenix Legacy 6.3


Previously in the Phoenix household I became the proud owner of kids who could finally take care of themselves, which lead to their ultimate doom when Seasons once again screwed me over and had them taken away by the Social Worker because they were too cold. Bah. A slightly cheated Hugin then grew up into a very angry young alien. Mehrissa and Remus did the dirty in the hot tub because they are classy like that.

Hugin and Munin take flight!

Maxis fails miserably, as usual. What else is new? Now onto the most awesome part of the teenage transition....


Here is Hugin who is an adorable little evil overlord *pinches cheeks* and because I have not done this in a while:

Neat 7
Shy 0
Active 10
Playful 8
Grouchy 0


Fortune Aspiration, LTW: Earn §100,000

Pretteh boy Munin.

Neat 10
Outgoing 8
Lazy 1
Playful 10
Nice 5

Popularity Aspiration, LTW: Have 20 best friends (good luck!)

Munin: "Heeeey, bro! :D"

Hugin: "I don't care that you are related to me. If you touch me again, I shall destroy you."
Munin: "Can't wait, bro!" :D

The very next day Jaina also celebrates her birthday ang ages up into a lovely orange jumpsuit. Lennon is excited.

This calls for a slow-motion dramatic entrance to an equally dramatic theme song (optional).

Jaina: "I'm the fairest of them all."

Sloppy 1
Outgoing 9
Active 10
Playful 7
Nice 8

Romance Aspiration, LTW: Become Rock God (Another one bites the dust. Ugh.)

Hugin: "You and me, baby ain't nothing but mammal! I am sure we can work out some kind of deal here. If you do well I will spare you when I have taken over the world."

Hugin: "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! :D"
What a convincing future evil overlord you make, dear. >_>

Damn, a repeat.

This is behinning to look like some kind of brothel.

Pretty sure that's a repeat as well, but I cannot find any proof of it.

Oh, we had her only last generation!

Done him too.

Um, this is Hugin's first kiss, I guess... I, um, did not think it would work.

No, no, no! Shey may be easy, but not that easy. Please.

Poor, scarred little future evil overlord. First order of business will be to destroy the Calientes!

Now for some more age-appropriate shy flirting! <3

Jaina's first kiss.

Munin goes for it too with his father's old flame.

Hugin is only here to prove that he is far more adorable than any of his siblings. XD

Oooh, right. There is another one! o_O Justin!

It is time to head to University agan. Joy.

The other went too, but they are not as important as Hugin.

Fine, here is Jaina - because every legacy must have that t-shirt at some point. XD

Justin believes he is quite gangsta.

Munin is... well, Munin is Munin.

After no more than a couple of minutes in his new home Hugin realized that a lowly college degree was way beyond his intergalactical intelligence.

He decides to try his luck in a new town and in a new apartment!
No, this was not a way for me to clean out my laggy game, install Apartment Life and start fresh. Why do you ask?
Jumping ropes = pure evil. Obviously.

The humble Phoenix abode, let me show it to you.

Plumcolored carpet and lit candles = pure evil. 

Hip and trendy kitchen = pure evil.

Alien homage in the tiny bedroom = pure evil.


Hugin: "Hi. Kill me now."

I sent him off to Copyright Infringement Park to scout for some young and willing females of questionable standards who would dare to join this legacy. 

Alas, he was distracted by the very clever human statues. These always scare me shitless in real life, so I am not surprised by the evil love that was founded between these two.

Well. This looks... interesting.

Hugin: "How delightfully charming! :D"

Girl, girl, girl!

Pure evil, she is doing it right! o_O

Purely evilly our hero sneaks off to a different lawn to escape the wrath of Random Evil Apartment Life Townie.

There are many ways for sims to entertain themselves in this town, I see.

Since Hugin is pure evil, he heads straight for some stand up comedy.

The roar of the audience is deafening. Also note the total sausage-fest down there.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Phoenix Something-or-other. Phoenix Phoenix, anyone? :D

Hugin: "Hiii, join my legacy, please? We can take over the world together, and it will be so swell :D"

Hugin: "We have... oodles of cash...?"
Phoenix: "Game on! :D"

Despite his best efforts, Hugin remains straight, and a girl finally walked into the bar.

Hurry up, Hugin, before it is too late!

Bartender: "Oh, I will end you, alien. Mark, my, words. >:|"

Hugin has had a long and hard night, and it is time to head home when dawn breaks. Will he ever come to senses with his evil tendencies and find a nice girl to settle down with? Only time will tell.

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