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The Phoenix Legacy 8.1

Previously in the Phoenix household Charlotte moved back from college. She was promptly turned into a witch, and worked her way up to Infallibly goodness. She then proceeded to get impregnated by Roger, who she had a shotgun wedding with. As we left the happy family she had just given birth to a baby boy called Elijah.

This picture is mainly here as proof that whatever mischief might follow, I am not responsible for it.

That woman staring straight into your soul is... well, I honestly never bothered catching her name. Let's just call her Bob.

Bob does not approve of the Grilled Cheese, but fear not dear readers - if it has boobs and three bolts Roger does not care. I am sure he would have done the same thing to the trash can, were it only young, blonde and dumb.

Roger's Conscience (who incidentally is a HUGE sports fan named Kyle): "Dude, your wife just gave birth a couple of hours ago. What do you think you are doing with random college students?"

Kyle: "This is wrong. Wrooooooong, I tell you!"

Roger: "Oh look! That funny little planet over there is where my wife comes from."

Bob: "Oh wow that's like totally-- Wait what!? Your wife?"
Roger: "Oh, heh. I forgot to mention her, did I?"
Bob: "Eh, who cares. Let's bang."

Charlotte: "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!"
Roger: "Not yet, no. You kind of interrupted us. Thanks a lot. >:("

Roger: "Girl, I know you mad and stuff, but I have to say that your chest looks awesome tonight! Did you try something new?"

Charlotte: "Yeah, I'm breastfeeding your child, you bloody wanker!"

Charlotte: "Ooooh~ look at the shiny little sparkles! :D :D :D What were you saying, dear?"
Roger: "Thank God my wife's mental. Let's go make out, Bob."

'Tis confusing times in the Phoenix house.

Kyle: *worlds tiniest angriest violin*

Translation: "Look at that ass - I'm gonna tap it so hard, oh yeah!"

Like I said. Bob sure wastes no time getting busy in the photo booth.

With a face like that you just know they were not taking pictures, eh?

You can try to hide it, Roger, but I know what happened! The allmighty simgod sees everything. Everything.

Leave Hugin alone, wench!! I would hate to see Michelle tear your head from your shoulders and wear it as a hat! Or, well, that would be quite the sight, actually. But please, go away.

Seriously, now... GO. HOME.

Hugin: "Uhm, yeah, I was just wondering if it is illegal for people to refuse to leave, even though nobody invited them..."

Hugin: "It is? Oh thank God for that! You have made my day, kind sir!"

Hm. Not quite the "GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN!" I had expected, but it will do.

I kind of hate you, but kudos, I guess?


I was all "make-up sex, woot!" until I noticed her thought bubble and his freaked out expression. Harsh, ACR.

Even angry ACR-induced hate-sex can lead to babies.

Speaking of the little bundles of joy, it is time for Elijah to grow up.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Glad you decided to show your support, guys. This was only five sim hours after the party.

Butler disapproves of this so called parenting, remains overprized while doing so.

Michelle is in ~the zone~ in Film & Literature. It is not her OTH, which has decided not to reveal itself even though I had her try everything. Oh well, she is doing great with writing novels.

I may be having a bit too much fun with this, but the adoring masses seems to like it.

I would like to order one pop with pink dust on the side, thanks.

Nghhh, stupid Family Sims. They would stand by poor Elijah for hours and hours, moving him from one crib to the next. Meanwhile their motives would drop, and the poor toddler got no sleep. Excellent.

GREAT parenting, everyone!

Not that things are any better outside of the nursery, though. When did you become so full of fail? :/

Charlotte: "What do you mean I can't move my son to another crib? Whyyyyyyyy!?"

Another alien with brown eyes. Yay? A girl named Lauren.

Lauren: "I hear you are to blame for the alien genes, Grandpa."

Hugin: "Aha haaha ha. Kids say the darndest things! Heh."

ACR acts again. At least they look happy this time.

Charlotte: D:
I, uh, take that back.

Elijah is getting jiggly with it. That is Roger back there showing his endless love for his son. -_-


Apparently he is looking at a future Business career. Not even Michelle uses that thing, and she is in the Business career.

Lookie what we got! :D

She wished for money, and... uh... stuff. XD

Charlotte: "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Think of all the woohoo I'll get with all this cash!"

It appears to be working splendidly!

So does Roger's killer sperm, apparently.
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